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IT Strategy & System Design

Strontium will assist you on crafting a comprehensive IT strategy that includes IT opportunity assessment, shareholder value diagnosis, IT architecture and sourcing strategy, product development and organizational process design

Lead Generation & Sales Management

We are experts at utilizing the latest and cost effective lead generation methods that will maximize your ROI and supercharge your sales to record breaking heights. This includes landing page design, A/B split testing, back-end design and much more.

Venture Capital & Equity Financing

We will assist you in procuring venture capital and equity financing for your startup in all stages of fundraising especially at pre-seed and seed stage financing. You will never have to worry about capital constraints to grow your startup company again.

Customer Acquisition & Relationship Management

Making a sale is just the start, we develop a full scale customer platform that persuades repeat purchases and ensures maximum customer satisfaction with the use of the latest automation technologies and strategies such as Email Marketing, Mobile & SMS Marketing, Retargeting, and Telemarketing.

Product Selection & Procurement

Usage of latest logistics technologies and our extensive global sourcing connections you will never have to worry about low margins, global competition or increased risk of supply chain disruption.

Project Management

We provide project management and program management services for information technology and organizational transformation initiatives for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Data Management

With the advent of Big Data and the Cloud – data management and security is paramount to reduce cognitive dissonance among your customers. We provide data management solutions that include data migration, governance, privacy, security and scaling and help you understand and make sense of all your data.

Business Process Improvement

We will craft a customized business process that will ensure cost reduction, process efficiency improvements, resource optimization or any other key area of concern for you.

Change Management

Speed up the process of change in management structure, roles and responsibilities, new acquisitions, reorganizations, diversity and integrations. We assist organizations in different stages of growth and customize different solutions to ensure seamless change management.

Profit Optimization

Generating more profits encompasses several different aspects in an organization and it does not necessarily entail cutting costs. We are experts at increasing the average customer value, reducing customer attrition rates, creating different upsell and cross-sell machanisms and utilizing revolutionary new methods to boost your conversion rates.

Maximize Growth

Growth is essential for the long term survival of an organization but is fraught with a multitude of issues such as reshuffling of management and reducing teamwork among employees. We solve this issue for you by utilizing our extensive knowledge in starting and growing profitable companies from scratch.

Improve Management Efficiency

To improve efficiency, a proper governance framework with an excellent leadership structure must be instituted and managed. Managers must be accountable to their subordinates and ensure they are properly nurturing and training their employees. We will craft a customized system for you that is completely unique to your management and aligns with your entity’s vision.

Finance & Wealth Management

Strontium has an excellent track record in providing our clients support in making the right financial decisions. Our services include financial due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, business valuation analysis, evaluating and prospecting new business opportunities and trends, and conducting comprehensive cost analysis for every major decision of your organization.

Business Process Analysis and Redesign

If your organization is not seeing the results and growth it deserves, it is likely the problem lies within your organization’s business process. We will help reshape your organization’s vision and showcase new opportunities and markets using our extensive experience in global markets and product redesign.

Reducing Costs

With the advent of new technologies not only is it possible to get things done quicker but for a lower cost. Strontium will conduct comprehensive analysis and provide you with different options and solutions that reduce your costs quickly and effortlessly.

Customer Funnel Creation & Optimization

Strontium’s unique expertise as a technical solution provider positions us as your very own marketing consultant with extensive technical knowledge. We will create, market and test different customer funnels and optimization strategies that will boost profits and lower your advertising costs almost immediately.

Online Reputation Management

While building a brand is an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy, protecting the brand and reputation is a critical. We will scour the web 24/7 to ensure any false and reputation damaging pages are removed as soon as possible.

Employee Selection & Human Resources

The people in an organization are the foundation for its success. Strontium Corp has several years of experience in identifying and attracting talent globally in over 50 countries around the world. We understand that in an ever changing global world, exceptional talent can come from anywhere in the world and not just in your neighborhood.

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